Document Access

There are two types of access to a published document on DropConfig:

  • Public Access
  • Private Access

Access type is a document-level setting, which can be set when document is created or at any time after that.

Public Access

When you publish a document with public access, it is published to our CDN to make it fast and availible across the globe. The caveat is: anyone who knows the access-URL can see the content of the document.

This makes public access mode perfect for such use cases as: websites, mobile apps. In these use-cases the content is intended to be publicly available.

Private Access

For some use cases you may not want your document to be publicly accessible.

If you set your document to private access mode, then it will no longer be accessible via its access url. The document in private access mode is only accessible via the Dropconfig API DropConfig API with an API-key:{orgName}/{repoName}/{documentName}/raw

API makes the document available in a variety of different formats, just like a publicly published document. You just have to add the extension you want, for example:{orgName}/{repoName}/{documentName}/raw.js

Note: If you change a document from public to private, it will not longer be available at its CDN access-URL

Also it can take a few minutes for the changes to propagate through the CDN. The document changed from public to private access may be visible at its access-URL for a few minutes after the access-mode update.

Example cURL

If we had an org named test and a repository named test_repo and a document named test_document

with an API key of api_key_du8gRzTD0ZuDPVk9mpJK9MzLAQ8LZC2vw2GTCzzAG7s

curl '' \  
-H "Authorization: Bearer api_key_du8gRzTD0ZuDPVk9mpJK9MzLAQ8LZC2vw2GTCzzAG7s"