DropConfig API

DropConfig has an API for accessing your document. Useful when a document is private

API keys

To use the API you need an API key

Creating a key

To create an API key go to your Org’s Settings

Org settings

Click the “API KEYS” tab

(If you can’t see that tab you don’t have permission to create an API key)

Then hit “NEW KEY”

API Keys

Name the key whatever you want.

Key Access

This key can be restricted in a few ways.

  • It can be unrestricted and have full access
  • It can be restricted to certain repos
  • It can be restricted to certain documents

Uncheck active if you want to create the key but not have it be useable.

You should now see your key in the API Keys list.

Hit “REVEAL KEY” to show the value for the API key.

Using a key

To use a key all you need to set is the Authorization header in any request to the API to Bearer <Token that was created>

An example in javascript

fetch("https://api.dropconfig.com/api", {
    headers: {
        "Authorization": "Bearer api_key_YpsKpcUpv6AQy97YeKXYSSt3Uww57l3uslwjVr7zyT2"

You should now be able to access the API with your API key