How fast is a published dropconfig?

Our infrastructure

Internally we use AWS CloudFront to serve published dropconfigs.

This makes our infrastructure fast and reliable.

You can be confident that, once published, your dropconfig remains available as long as most of the Internet is available.

Will it slow down my application?

If you use dropconfig from a web-application, your end-user will be requesting assets from Internet. In some sense, a published dropconfig is just another asset.

Web-browsers cache dropconfigs very efficiently, because we use ETags. With ETag, browser will only re-download a full dropconfig if it changed.

If you use dropconfig in a fully-packaged mobile or desktop application, which doesn’t fetch any resources from the Internet - then dropconfig will slow your app down by a few tens of milliseconds.

How fast is it?

Try it: - this is a whole Bootstrap in JSS form, published as a dropconfig.